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Bringing Bangladeshi Tech Startups to the Public Market

Startup Bangladesh, in partnership with the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), hosted a dynamic Focus Group Discussion under the theme “Bringing Bangladeshi Tech Startups to the Public Market” on 23rd October. The event aimed to collaborate and devise solutions that would stimulate the promotion of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) for technology startups within Bangladesh. This initiative is set to enable local startups to list on the domestic stock market.
The session was chaired by Dr. Shaikh Shamsuddin Ahmed, Commissioner at BSEC, and moderated by Sami Ahmed, Managing Director, and CEO of Startup Bangladesh. The discussion featured prominent local and international investors, industry representatives from merchant banks, brokerage houses, Venture Capital & Private Equity Association of Bangladesh (VCPEAB), and visionary startup founders.
A compelling presentation was shared with participants, shedding light on the dynamic growth of Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem over the past decade and emphasizing the importance of listing startups on the stock market to access local funding for future growth. This was followed by an engaging and interactive discussion session.
Key takeaways from the discussion highlighted the necessity to leverage local investments through IPOs as a pivotal factor in fostering the growth and enduring prosperity of startups. In a global context where funding is becoming scarcer and investors are becoming increasingly risk-averse, the emphasis on local funding channels through IPOs becomes imperative. IPOs not only secure capital but also engage the local community in shaping the future of Bangladesh through innovation-driven local startups.
Startup Bangladesh is a steadfast advocate for the inclusion of local investors in the development of the ecosystem and firmly believes that facilitating local investments through IPOs can have a notable ripple effect. By strengthening the domestic investment landscape and supporting startup growth, Bangladesh can attract increased foreign direct investment (FDI).