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Intelligent Machines: Intelligent by design, humane by choice

Intelligent Machines is a Bangladeshi startup that uses technology to streamline and improve the operations of their clientele. But it is their unique work culture that sets them apart

A tech company with almost no rules. People come and go as they please, or not come at all. There is an unlimited leave policy (line managers need only be informed). Salaries are based solely on employee performance, not tenure or certifications.

Undergraduates are routinely hired into leadership positions with full-time salaries (by industry standards), while they are allowed to work around their academic needs. All employees have access to extensive financial reports of the company.

Concepts like these bring to mind images of a startup in a relatively more developed environment, except, these are all facts about a Bangladeshi startup.

Everything about it seems too good to be true unless one gets a chance to talk to the people working there and experience how they work first-hand, and we did.

Source: https://www.tbsnews.net