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Bimafy was the first digital insurance platform in Bangladesh, aimed to increase the everyday use of insurance and other financial services in people’s lives. The platform provides digital solutions for insurance to the people of Bangladesh with a prime focus on transparency, convenience, mass reach, and ease of use.

Bimafy started operations in March – 2019 as Flair Technologies Ltd. with the vision of developing financial inclusion and empowering people with financial stability, access and security – all through inclusive digital solutions in the insurance and financial industry.

With our website & mobile app we aim to ease access and enable insurance solutions from multiple companies, simplify acquisition of insurance policies and ease underwriting of the insurance companies. The platform also allows users to easily manage their insurance policies, get emergency support, free claims assistance and much more.

We work with multiple reputable insurance partners to offer the best insurance products and services on the platform. We digitally enable their policies, and work together to develop and roll out innovative insurance solutions that are on demand.

Bimafy is the smart and easy way to insure risks. We offer a wide range of coverage options, and our team of experts is always available to help you choose the right policies for you or your company. If you’re looking for reliable, affordable insurance and financial solutions, then Bimafy is the right place for you.

Visit our website bimafy.com