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Sheba Platform Limited (Sheba) is a technology-focused organization that offers a wide range of solutions that makes life simple for consumers and businesses. With expertise in the B2C and B2B service industry, Sheba incorporates technology into the ordinary business processes and revolutionizes it from inside out. Sheba is an impact-focused organization, and the primary goal in all their business activities is to promote sustained economic growth for micro-entrepreneurs (SMEs) in the nation.

Each of Sheba’s platforms – sheba.xyz, sManager, and sBusiness are creating a lot of impact in the market respectively, and are sowing the seeds that serve one another in perfect synchronization to serve SMEs. While sheba.xyz – the largest service marketplace in Bangladesh, creates opportunities for people in blue-collared jobs; sManager acts as the tool to expand their business, and sBusiness provides B2B solutions from sheba.xyz services creating high volume orders for the service providers.

Sheba enables Micro SMEs to grow and hire more resources creating employment for the nation. Ultimately, Sheba is here to provide an ecosystem for small businesses to increase their market size, go into strategic partnerships and use their tech products to improve business activities. Sheba’s end goal is to largely contribute to lessening the divide and bring micro-entrepreneurs towards digital and financial inclusion.

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