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Startup Bangladesh Invests in Hishab – Telephony-driven Generative AI

Startup Bangladesh Limited, the flagship venture capital company of the ICT Division, invested in Hishab Technologies Limited. Hishab holds a prominent position as a global leader in telephony-driven conversational engines powered by generative AI.

An agreement was signed recently between the organizations in Dhaka to invest BDT 2 crore.

At the agreement signing event, MD Shamsul Arefin, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Startup Bangladesh and Secretary, ICT division, was joined by a distinguished group of individuals, including Sami Ahmed, the Managing Director of Startup Bangladesh, Zubair Ahmed, Founder along with Mio Ahmed, Co-Founder, & Fayadan Hossain, Co-Founder of the company, along with other key stakeholders.

Hishab has emerged as a front-runner in the field of Conversational AI powered by Generative AI and Telephony Artificial Neural Networks, with over 30 patents spanning 23 countries including India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and the ARIPO region. Hishab’s groundbreaking innovation enables individuals to utilize technology effortlessly with simple voice commands from any phone, feature or smart, eliminating the need for internet connectivity, smartphone applications, and digital literacy.

Hishab will shortly serve 8 million users in the Microfinance Industry to leverage Hishab’s Conversational AI to automate their desired financial services. Hishab is partnering with leading retail banks to introduce “HiPay” which allows individuals to send money via telephone conversation. Hishab’s call center solution is currently being piloted with “333”, inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister on October 18, 2023. In Japan, Hishab serves 22 million TEPCO customers through integrating with its Japanese-language call center solution. After a successful pilot with State Bank of India, Hishab will initiate a full-scale launch in the third quarter of 2024. Hishab also forged a partnership with a local FMCG company to automate the MSMEs of Bangladesh.

“Hishab’s expertise in innovation is the driving force behind its transformative impact in Bangladesh and other developing countries, where it owns intellectual property rights. This represents a source of national pride for Bangladesh, as it leads the world in the field of Telephony AI, a testament to the innovation and products originating from the country. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to addressing a crucial issue: the need for digital literacy. By offering user-friendly solutions, Hishab aims to serve all citizens, regardless of their background or economic status. I am confident that Hishab will play a significant role in the development of a ‘Smart Bangladesh’ and will leave a lasting imprint on the global technology market.” expressed Honorable State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunication & ICT on the occasion.

“Hishab’s service, which doesn’t depend on smartphones, internet connectivity, or mobile app downloads, and crucially, doesn’t require digital literacy, is set to revolutionize access to information and services for citizens. This “magic” is poised to become a primary means of accessing various types of information as Hishab’s reach expands. Additionally, this solution aligns seamlessly with the ‘Smart Citizen’ and ‘Smart Society’ facets of ‘Smart Bangladesh’, contributing significantly to the country’s progression towards a ‘Smart Economy,” stated MD Shamsul Arefin, Secretary, ICT Division and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Startup Bangladesh.

“Startup Bangladesh foresees Hishab as a company that will serve both local and international markets on a large scale. Companies like Hishab are expected to enrich the startup ecosystem in Bangladesh and potentially create a positive impact on the global investor community,” remarked Sami Ahmed, Managing Director, Startup Bangladesh Limited.

Mohammad Fayadan Hossain,Co-founder & Managing Director of Hishab Technologies Limited, “It is a pleasure to have Startup Bangladesh as our investor.We believe SBL will be an extremely valuable investment partner for Hishab, helping guide and support us to not only reach but positively impact every citizen of Bangladesh through telephony-driven Generative AI with our services.”

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