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We understand a little assistance with daily grocery needs goes a long way in making lives easier. Chaldal is now the largest online grocery platform in the country. Since 2013, We have been working relentlessly to improve our delivery mechanism. Chaldal is a family of over 1,800 dedicated employees. We currently have 23 warehouses situated in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Narayanganj. Having these warehouses has enabled us to successfully operating a 1-hour delivery service.

We’re currently serving 83,000 families every month. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customer service and sales office is located at Jessore in Sheikh Hasina Software and Technology Park.

We assure the quality of the products for our customers by sourcing straight from farmers, manufacturers, and importers. With the integration of our automated warehouse management, the processing time has decreased significantly. We can now manage more than 2,200 orders in an hour. Our well-designed system architecture enables us to track each and every order from the moment of its placement to delivery.

We’ve integrated machine learning algorithms in our storage and demand forecasting. The software also analyzes data about wastage and hence helps to make the economy more efficient. Our mission is to save people’s time and money for the important things in life.

We’re working very hard every day to build a technologically sound future in a fully functional Digital Bangladesh.

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