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Arogga App is the first Bangladeshi app that brings prescription and healthcare services to your doorstep. Easy and efficient, with just a click of a button, upload your prescription and we will ensure safe delivery of your medicine at the earliest possible time. Arogga brings complete prescription and healthcare products from a complete range of medicines and over-the-counter items, including vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products, mother and baby care products, beauty products, and much more. With new services in plan, Arogga will be the number one healthcare services app for Bangladesh.

Website: https://www.arogga.com/

Bongo BD

Bongo is the premium source for Bangladeshi content. With world’s largest content library At Bongo we believe access to content and media to be a right, not a privilege. Ultimately, this is what drives us everyday on our mission to create a digital ecosystem catering to our key demographics in frontier markets such as Bangladesh and around the world. Our driving motivation is to provide this access to both ends of the spectrum. On one side we help content producers such as TV stations, labels, and individual creators create, manage, distribute, and monetize their content where it may have been rather difficult if not impossible otherwise. On the other side we have enabled the data and price sensitive individuals to access a wealth of content through tailor made technology anytime anywhere on any device, be it a feature phone or smartphone.



MedEasy is the no. 1 online pharmacy & healthcare app in Bangladesh. We provide up to 10% discount on authentic medicine. Get all of your prescription and OTC medicine from MedEasy at an affordable price. We have a valid drug license(DC-22112) from DGDA and are also supported by the ICT division of Bangladesh. MedEasy app enables you to connect with licensed doctors from 23 specialties and, receive consultations through video calling from anywhere. We provide doorstep diagnostic services. Lab tests booked via MedEasy are conducted by certified labs that are 100% trustworthy and verified. Access your lab test reports anywhere, anytime online.



Markopolo is a SaaS solution that can enhance online-based sellers paid marketing efforts to target. It provides advertising tool built for micro-businesses and creators through its platform markopolo.ai. The platform allows businesses to launch targeted ads in seconds, with no experience required. Markopolo lets creators simply plug in their creativity and budget, and it runs their advertising campaign using the best strategies from Google, Facebook, and Instagram, Shopify etc.

Visit: https://www.markopolo.ai



Amar Lab provides lab services for patients who face difficulty traveling to healthcare facilities for reasons including inaccessible transport, disability, old age or busy schedules. With the first of its kind initiative in Dhaka, people do not need to travel to and wait at diagnostic centers for medical tests. Enjoy diagnostic services from the comfort of your own home with Amar Lab!

How does Amar Lab work?

  1. Patients place orders for tests by calling 09643445566.
  2. Amar Lab medical technologist goes directly to the patient’s house and collects the test samples (blood/urine/others).
  3. Amar Lab delivers test samples in certified storage kits to hospital/diagnostic center selected by patients.
  4. Once reports are ready, Amar Lab delivers results directly to patients!

Visit: https://amarlab.com/

Open Refactory

We want to build a world in which the complex software that connects our businesses and societies is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

Our automated analysis and correction tools eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities in complex digital systems, to prevent damaging failures, losses, and injuries.

We protect organizations from the financial, reputational, and customer risks of software failures in our increasingly complex and interconnected world. We want to build a world in which the complex software that connects our businesses and societies is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

Our automated analysis and correction tools eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities in complex digital systems, to prevent damaging failures, losses, and injuries.

We protect organizations from the financial, reputational, and customer risks of software failures in our increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Visit: https://www.openrefactory.com/


Pickaboo is the largest one-stop shopping destination in Bangladesh. Launched in 2016, the online store offers the widest range of products in categories ranging from Electronics to household appliances, latest Smartphones, Camera, Computing & Accessories and Mobile Accessories.

Pickaboo believes in “Delivering Happiness” with an excellent customer experience thus provides the most efficient delivery service through own logistics so that customers get a hassle-free product delivery at their doorstep. We help our local and international vendors as well as 200 brands serving thousands of consumers from all over Bangladesh. We also offer free returns and various payment methods including Cash on delivery, Online Payments, Card on delivery and bKash with all of our products.

Visit our https://www.pickaboo.com/ and Happy Online Shopping!


Bimafy was the first digital insurance platform in Bangladesh, aimed to increase the everyday use of insurance and other financial services in people’s lives. The platform provides digital solutions for insurance to the people of Bangladesh with a prime focus on transparency, convenience, mass reach, and ease of use.

Bimafy started operations in March – 2019 as Flair Technologies Ltd. with the vision of developing financial inclusion and empowering people with financial stability, access and security – all through inclusive digital solutions in the insurance and financial industry.

With our website & mobile app we aim to ease access and enable insurance solutions from multiple companies, simplify acquisition of insurance policies and ease underwriting of the insurance companies. The platform also allows users to easily manage their insurance policies, get emergency support, free claims assistance and much more.

We work with multiple reputable insurance partners to offer the best insurance products and services on the platform. We digitally enable their policies, and work together to develop and roll out innovative insurance solutions that are on demand.

Bimafy is the smart and easy way to insure risks. We offer a wide range of coverage options, and our team of experts is always available to help you choose the right policies for you or your company. If you’re looking for reliable, affordable insurance and financial solutions, then Bimafy is the right place for you.

Visit our website bimafy.com


SWAP is the combination of first ever e-commerce and re-commerce marketplace in Bangladesh where customers can purchase anything by personalized orders as well as sell their unneeded/surplus products such as smartphones, laptops, appliances, vehicles, etc. and exchange also.

SWAP arranges personalized orders for customers and delivers at their door steps. Hence, customers need not to worry about buying daily groceries or shopping some high-end gadgets, etc. SWAP works as one-stop solution for its valuable customers whether it is about buying, selling or exchanging with whatever products they want.

SWAP offers a seller to sell unneeded items at any convenient location and time, and accepts various payment methods either digitally or by cash. SWAP’s goal is to give endless options to consumers – when a consumer gets money by selling his/her unneeded stuffs, it automatically increases his/her purchasing power at that moment.

SWAP assists organizations to get rid of old products’ selling procedure by saving time for organization’s mundane works. SWAP purchases unneeded (used/new) products from your organizations such as mobiles, laptops, cars, bikes, work stations, etc. in bulk amount and also arranges exchange and office refurbishment.

SWAP organizes Activation Points at work places which help corporate employees to sell or purchase directly and avail exchange offers, gift cards, and so on. The employees also can enjoy special benefits in addition to our current offers in case of personal selling or purchasing respecting as a corporate client.

In a nutshell, SWAP is the only digital platform in the country that lets customers experience secure, hassle-free and haggle-free buying or selling or exchanging at shortest possible time with special privileges.

Website: swap.com.bd


Auto drives us. The smell of fuel ignites us. We are a group of auto-freaks. Vroom has been a concept that has long been pursued by us and brought into existence piece by piece. Some of us are engineers, some are business executives, and some ran auto workshops – when we all combined Vroom was born. Our goal is to create a single platform where anything and everything related to automobiles is available. None must look anywhere else for anything. Our diverse background helped us structure the company and the domain knowledge made it efficient. We started off in late 2017 with a home service-based car wash and polish in Dhaka. Over the next year, we served more than a thousand customers and were much appreciated by our clients. In 2019 we introduced Fleet Management Software to the market. Our solution was very intuitive and designed based on the actual customer journey and pain points. In 2020 our e-commerce platform comes into existence. Other than several types of vehicles, we are offering support services like ownership transfer assistance, loan application, insurance purchase, pre-purchase inspection, and many more. If you need anything related to automobiles in Bangladesh, you must be with Vroom.

Website: www.vroom.com.bd