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Zantrik is digitizing the automotive ecosystem of Bangladesh. For vehicle owners, this means transparency, quality, and value for money. For garages, this means efficiency, and faster business growth. For spare parts suppliers, this means faster sales channel. For drivers, this means safe driving, and, better earnings. Zantrik developed a connected digital system that can be used by all these stakeholders to ensure efficiency, transparency, and value for money for everyone

Visit for more information: www.zantrik.com

Truck Lagbe

Truck Lagbe is an app-based online truck rental platform that aims to provide an instant truck booking solution. It began its journey in 2017 with only 25 tracks, but it is already revolutionizing the trucking industry in Bangladesh. It’s a two-sided marketplace that connects truck owners/drivers and shippers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses and corporations. Whether for personal or business purposes, it enables effortless logistics. This platform leverages technology to optimize trucking logistics, enabling customers to hire a truck at any time, choose any desired destination, and ensure that the product is delivered safely. With the aim to cater to the demand and supply of trucking services in the country, it is helping the marginalized trucking communities and everyone in the system. It provides GPS solutions and insurance to truck drivers and owners for the betterment of their lives, making the platform more transparent and secure. Truck Lagbe also has a significant presence in Bangladesh, with over 80,000 registered trucks, and 2,00,000 registered customers around the country. It now aspires to create an ecosystem for trucking in which all trucking-related services are integrated under one platform so that everything can be moved with a single click.

Visit for more information: trucklagbe.com


Shuttle is a transport-tech company focused on making daily commutes convenient & affordable for middle-income people. It clubs 3-4 people together in AC sedans at1/3rd the price of regular ride-sharing services. Female commuters can also take advantage of the women-only service offered by Shuttle.

Visit for more information: www.shuttlebd.com


“Loop is a technology enabled marketplace for truckload freight services. The platform connects businesses to available fleet owners looking to optimize their workflow and digitize their logistics.

Loop improves the logistics experience by increasing visibility and providing better communications by leveraging software and data points across the in-land supply chain.

Our vision is to redesign the movement of commercial goods for next generation shippers and carriers. Technology with the aid of trusted people with incredible customer service can bring ease and efficiency to the broken supply chain industry.

As more trucks become part of our network, our technology along with our operations will create smarter routes that efficiently match shipments for the shippers and carriers, thus helping their small and mid-sized businesses to save on insurance, transportation and environmental costs.”

Visit for more information: loopfreight.io


iFarmer is an award-winning agri-fintech business focusing on innovative financial services for smallholder farmers. iFarmer uses agriculture expertise, agronomic machine learning, remote sensing, and mobile phones to deliver financing, high-quality agriculture inputs, optimized farm advises and creates access to markets that can improve profitability for millions of farmers. iFarmer is working on its mission to create opportunities for the marginal farmers by leveraging technology and data that will create better access to finance, inputs, advisory and market for the farmers.

Visit for more information: ifarmer.asia

Frontier Nutrition

Frontier Nutrition develops, manufactures, and markets delicious, ultra-affordable fortified snacks that satisfy consumer cravings and improve nutrition among low-income women and children in emerging and frontier markets. Their products, which include fortified lentil butter, chocolates, powdered drinks, and biscuits, are localized for traditional diets and optimized for taste, nutrition, and price. Launched in Bangladesh in 2018 under the brands HASHI KHUSHI and NUTRI PLUS, Frontier’s branded products reach more than 5 million families every day through their retail channel, and millions more through their partnerships with the World Food Programme, SMC, and research teams at The Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, and ICDDRB.

Visit for more information: frontiernutrition.com


Sheba Platform Limited (Sheba) is a technology-focused organization that offers a wide range of solutions that makes life simple for consumers and businesses. With expertise in the B2C and B2B service industry, Sheba incorporates technology into the ordinary business processes and revolutionizes it from inside out. Sheba is an impact-focused organization, and the primary goal in all their business activities is to promote sustained economic growth for micro-entrepreneurs (SMEs) in the nation.

Each of Sheba’s platforms – sheba.xyz, sManager, and sBusiness are creating a lot of impact in the market respectively, and are sowing the seeds that serve one another in perfect synchronization to serve SMEs. While sheba.xyz – the largest service marketplace in Bangladesh, creates opportunities for people in blue-collared jobs; sManager acts as the tool to expand their business, and sBusiness provides B2B solutions from sheba.xyz services creating high volume orders for the service providers.

Sheba enables Micro SMEs to grow and hire more resources creating employment for the nation. Ultimately, Sheba is here to provide an ecosystem for small businesses to increase their market size, go into strategic partnerships and use their tech products to improve business activities. Sheba’s end goal is to largely contribute to lessening the divide and bring micro-entrepreneurs towards digital and financial inclusion.

visit website sheba.xyz


Pathao is Bangladesh’s largest digital platform, and the market leader in ride-sharing, food delivery and e-commerce logistics.  The company has empowered millions of people by enabling income, and employment which has resulted in improving lives. Pathao is determined to ensure safety and create opportunities for people at every socioeconomic level and realize the vision of a Digital Bangladesh. With over 7 million customers, 3 lac drivers and 50000 merchants, Pathao is determined to truly change the narrative of the country, in front of the world,  under the Moving Bangladesh slogan.

visit website pathao.com