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HelloTask is an app-based reliable domestic worker sourcing platform in Bangladesh. We connect verified workers to users in real-time.

Visit for more information: hellotask.app

Frontier Nutrition

Frontier Nutrition develops, manufactures, and markets delicious, ultra-affordable fortified snacks that satisfy consumer cravings and improve nutrition among low-income women and children in emerging and frontier markets. Their products, which include fortified lentil butter, chocolates, powdered drinks, and biscuits, are localized for traditional diets and optimized for taste, nutrition, and price. Launched in Bangladesh in 2018 under the brands HASHI KHUSHI and NUTRI PLUS, Frontier’s branded products reach more than 5 million families every day through their retail channel, and millions more through their partnerships with the World Food Programme, SMC, and research teams at The Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, and ICDDRB.

Visit for more information: frontiernutrition.com

10 Minute School

দেশের সবচেয়ে বড় শিক্ষামূলক অ্যাপ, টেন মিনিট স্কুল৷ ১ম-১২শ শ্রেণির সব বিষয়ের বোর্ড সিলেবাসভিত্তিক সব টপিকের ভিডিও টিউটোরিয়াল, ভর্তি পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতি, স্কিল ডেভেলপমেন্ট কোর্স, কিংবা চাকরির প্রস্তুতি সবই নেওয়া সম্ভব একটি মাত্র অ্যাপেই৷ ৩৫ লাখেরও বেশি শিক্ষার্থী একসাথে প্রতিদিন এই অ্যাপ ব্যবহার করে পড়াশোনা করছে। টেন মিনিট স্কুলের কোর্স সম্পর্কিত যেকোনো জিজ্ঞাসায় Call- করুন: 16910 অ্যাপ লিংক (Android): https://10ms.io/10minuteschool-app অ্যাপ লিংক (iOS): https://10ms.io/10ms-ios-app


Sheba Platform Limited (Sheba) is a technology-focused organization that offers a wide range of solutions that makes life simple for consumers and businesses. With expertise in the B2C and B2B service industry, Sheba incorporates technology into the ordinary business processes and revolutionizes it from inside out. Sheba is an impact-focused organization, and the primary goal in all their business activities is to promote sustained economic growth for micro-entrepreneurs (SMEs) in the nation.

Each of Sheba’s platforms – sheba.xyz, sManager, and sBusiness are creating a lot of impact in the market respectively, and are sowing the seeds that serve one another in perfect synchronization to serve SMEs. While sheba.xyz – the largest service marketplace in Bangladesh, creates opportunities for people in blue-collared jobs; sManager acts as the tool to expand their business, and sBusiness provides B2B solutions from sheba.xyz services creating high volume orders for the service providers.

Sheba enables Micro SMEs to grow and hire more resources creating employment for the nation. Ultimately, Sheba is here to provide an ecosystem for small businesses to increase their market size, go into strategic partnerships and use their tech products to improve business activities. Sheba’s end goal is to largely contribute to lessening the divide and bring micro-entrepreneurs towards digital and financial inclusion.

visit website sheba.xyz


Pathao is Bangladesh’s largest digital platform, and the market leader in ride-sharing, food delivery and e-commerce logistics.  The company has empowered millions of people by enabling income, and employment which has resulted in improving lives. Pathao is determined to ensure safety and create opportunities for people at every socioeconomic level and realize the vision of a Digital Bangladesh. With over 7 million customers, 3 lac drivers and 50000 merchants, Pathao is determined to truly change the narrative of the country, in front of the world,  under the Moving Bangladesh slogan.

visit website pathao.com


We understand a little assistance with daily grocery needs goes a long way in making lives easier. Chaldal is now the largest online grocery platform in the country. Since 2013, We have been working relentlessly to improve our delivery mechanism. Chaldal is a family of over 1,800 dedicated employees. We currently have 23 warehouses situated in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Narayanganj. Having these warehouses has enabled us to successfully operating a 1-hour delivery service.

We’re currently serving 83,000 families every month. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customer service and sales office is located at Jessore in Sheikh Hasina Software and Technology Park.

We assure the quality of the products for our customers by sourcing straight from farmers, manufacturers, and importers. With the integration of our automated warehouse management, the processing time has decreased significantly. We can now manage more than 2,200 orders in an hour. Our well-designed system architecture enables us to track each and every order from the moment of its placement to delivery.

We’ve integrated machine learning algorithms in our storage and demand forecasting. The software also analyzes data about wastage and hence helps to make the economy more efficient. Our mission is to save people’s time and money for the important things in life.

We’re working very hard every day to build a technologically sound future in a fully functional Digital Bangladesh.

visit website chaldal.com

Moner Bondhu

Moner Bondhu is a mental healthcare and wellbeing platform in Bangladesh working since 2016 towards SDG 3.4 to provide accessible and affordable mental healthcare to all. With their experienced and certified psycho-social experts, advocates and mental health workers and 1500 volunteers and dynamic management team they have reached over 3 million people online and more than 1 hundred thousand people through events. Tawhida Shiropa is the founder and CEO of Moner Bondhu, She has 13 years of experience in this social sector. She is an Acumen fellow and US state department fellow ( IVLP fellow).

Moner Bondhu is dedicatedly working for mental health and psycho-social awareness in Bangladesh in six different areas:

  • Providing care and support to persons with mental distress, via helpline number, online and offline counseling support.
  • Organizing group sessions, workshops, and training using both online and traditional platforms.
  • Developing toolkits, knowledge-products and training modules for individuals
  • Hosting a weekly radio program
  • Broadcasting a television show
  • Advocating for the psychosocial services with narratives, animations, leaflets, stickers, videos, etc.

During COVID-19, Moner Bondhu provided free 24/7 video and tele counseling. From March to December they served over 18000 calls from 52 districts in Bangladesh and 10 different countries.

Recently they have created the first ever free online certification capacity building course in Bangla on psychosocial health and behavioural skills. This was done with the support of UNDP, under the COVID-19 Crisis Response Project where Moner Bondhu is the implementing partner. Moner Bondhu also partnered up with BGMEA and supported the RMG workers in 50 different factories.

They are now developing the first ever mental health mobile App in Bangladesh exclusively for COVID-19. They have also recently become the mental health partner of Facebook and Instagram in Bangladesh.


Intelligent Machines

We are a deep-tech startup based in Bangladesh, reimagining traditional ways of business with practical AI solutions. Since 2018, large client organizations in Bangladesh and Myanmar are using our 7 AI products. 11 more are in the pipeline covering manufacturing AI, language AI, trade marketing AI, fintech solutions, and enterprise analytics.

The market has just started to see the defining impact that AI can bring. bKash has increased 74% productivity in its trade marketing operation at 412,000 active outlets using our computer vision. Telenor Myanmar is saving 92.5% cost for 19 million customer registration using our fraud detection models. Another global leader has been able to convert 13% of target customers using our precision marketing analytics. And, the country’s leading FMCG can now measure same-day brand campaign effectiveness of their 5,441 sales reps using our audio recognition platform. Other winning brands like Arla Foods, IDLC Finance, and Ooredoo (Myanmar) have also joined us in our compliant and ethical AI journey to solve hyperlocal market problems, efficiently.

A team of 17 deep learning engineers, 11 data scientists, 9 product engineers, and other capable resources, we want to be a humble part of the next chapter of the Bangladesh story.

visit website intelligentmachines.com.bd


EduHive is the fastest growing EdTech startup in Bangladesh that has been working relentlessly to make education digitally available to the mass population.

The vision of EduHive is to be the world’s most creative learning platform.

Bangladesh is a country of more than 50 million students from primary to higher secondary levels. Now the question is what are the challenges that these students have to face regularly?

Quality Education, Distance and Expense

The majority of the renowned teachers reside in Dhaka, which unfortunately limits the students living in the rural areas to receive the quality education that they deserve. A study says that more than 29% of educational expenses go for private tutions.

To make quality learning Accessible, Available and Affordable for everyone, EduHive started its journey of educating Bangladesh digitally back in August 2019 with content provided by more than 50 content partners.

Just in one year, EduHive altogether has 100,000 registered users and 100+ content partners. Not just that, over 100,000 users downloaded EduHive app from play store.

To continue study during COVID-19 pandemic when all school-colleges are shut down, EduHive in collaboration with Startup Bangladesh Limited and the Education Ministry of Bangladesh Government is producing best quality video classes for different classes to broadcast on National Television.

visit website eduhive.com.bd


Diabetes has become an emerging silent pandemic in these days all over the world. More than 9 million people in Bangladesh are living with diabetes and different diabetic complications. Being a chronic disease, it affects the quality of life of the patients a lot. These patients need specialized care in a regular manner. Despite the huge demand of specialized diabetes care providers, the existing number is very scarce.

Dhaka Cast is the first ever health care startup in Bangladesh which is exclusively focused on diabetic care. Their aim is to provide all the services and products required by a diabetes patient at their doorsteps at the most reasonable price without any hassle or endless queues. Their services include specialist doctor consultations through online or at patients’ home, nursing and caregiver service, diagnostic support at home, medicine home delivery and lifestyle modification.

The vision of this startup is to ensure a complication-free healthy life for all diabetes patients. With this vision they are serving more than 1200 patients and the number is increasing exponentially till they have started in 2019. Besides, they have conducted 12 diabetes camps serving more than 1000 patients from all socioeconomic classes for free as a social responsibility. They are working to penetrate at least 10% of the total diabetes market of Bangladesh by next five years. They have employed 20 graduate doctors, 10 trained nurses and caregivers empowering the women.

Dhaka Cast has added numerous feathers in the crown of their achievements. Lastly they have graduated from Accelerate Bangladesh. They have achieved honorable mention from the government of Bangladesh as a token of accreditation of their service during the COVID pandemic. Before that they have graduated from Grameenphone Accelerator batch 6, attended Foundry Women in Mumbai, India and She Loves Tech, the largest global assembly for women entrepreneurs in Beijing, China in 2019 as the country champion representing Bangladesh.

Three of the cofounders of this startup are doctors. The founder, Dr. Fahreen Hannan has 6 years of experience in patient management and 4 years’ experience in the startup ecosystem of Bangladesh. Professor Dr. Mohammed Montasir Islam has more than 18 years of experience in diabetic patient management. Dr Abdur Rafi has four years’ experience in health economics and healthcare systems. Al Ferdous is the head of operations.

Dhaka Cast is working for achieving a far-reaching impact on the diabetes care of Bangladesh, easing the access to quality service for the diabetes patients. This will ultimately result in the achievement of the health related resolution of the sustainable development goals.

For more information-www.dhakacast.com